Hyperkin Launched Smart Boy Developer Kit For Android Smartphones

Last year Hyperkin announced they will be launching the Smart Boy Developer Kit for Android and iPhones. According to their announcements this ad-on accessory will allow the players to play original Game Boy titles on their smartphones. Unlike emulators and Game Boy ROMs Hyperkin’s kit uses actual Game boy cartridges to play the games.
Today the Smart Boy Developer Kit is available for Pre-Orders, Hyperkin is selling this kit for $60 on their website. You can pre-order it Here.

Currently the add-on accessory is only available for Android smartphones with possibilities of the same kind of kit for iPhone users.  The Smart Boy Developer Kit is capable of playing both original Game Boy and Game Boy color cartridges. Hyperkin has kept the whole platform open sourced so that even you can improve its open source code.
The Smart Boy Developer Kit will start shipping this December. 

Stay tuned for updates.


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